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July 25, 2011
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Modular Paper AR15 V3 by Hoborginc Modular Paper AR15 V3 by Hoborginc
This is an AR-15 papercraft, the third iteration of a long project that has undergone several stages.

It is fairly detailed and takes a lot of paper, so you have to build it gradually and piece-by-piece. A classic M4 configuration, for example, would be 27 pages.

There are a couple of different styles for stocks, handguards, etc, and most things are available in black, tan, colorless, and sometimes gray versions. There are flattop and A1 upper receivers, as well as different barrel lengths. If yo want to build a longer barrel, note that there is no proper M16 handguard, although putting two carbine-length RIS handguards makes a rifle-length one.

The package is rather lightweight because I've omitted most of the V1 and V2 parts. The furniture and sights that haven't been replaced are still included though, so there are still a couple of hand-drawn pages.

6-17-14 Re-Released package with new parts included and some improved pages.

Newer parts (or improved versions) included in re-release but not in previous packages:

Magazine Pack (20 & 30rd USGI mags, plus windowed and windowless PMAGs, and instructions)
Triangular Front Sight (digitized and with seams covered, and instructions)
Low-Profile Folding Rear Sight (digitized, new attachment mechanism, and instructions)
V3-1 Delta Ring (Elongated, adding contact area with the upper receiver for improved durability)
Holo Sight (EOTech 551, in black, tan, or white)
Vertical and Stubby Grip

Hk416 parts (new):

Hk416 Lower (Added tan version and corrected tang since last post)
Hk416 Grip (Better shape and not as oversized)
Hk416 Mag (Only black or white available)


1. What kind of paper does this use?

Letter or A4 size. Scale to printable area (don't try to print them at original image size, because they won't match).

2. What are the changes in the re-release?

Folders are reorganized and some new finished build pictures have been added.
Resolutions and colors have been adjusted slightly on multiple parts. Tan parts are generally a bit darker and redder.
Black barrels have been added, and the delta ring is replaced with the V3-1 improved delta ring.
The V1 vertical foregrip has been replaced with a new vertical grip and a stubby variant.
The black lower receiver has its gray parts darkened so they don't stand out as much.
The magazines have been replaced with updated versions (including a 20rd mag), and polymer mags have also been included.
A holographic sight has been added.
The folding rear sight and the triangular front sight have been replaced with digitized versions.
The CTR stock's buffer tube is now black (although a gray buffer tube is still available for the tan version).
The tan M16 stock is properly tan instead of yellow.
Some of the older, handmade parts, are still included, just in their own separate folder.
Some black, gray, and white parts have been converted to grayscale to reduce filesize.

3. Where does X go?

If the notes files and construction photos aren't clear enough, just ask here and I'll explain. However, make sure you look at the photos first, since a picture is better than a written description.

4. How do I build the M4 handguard or A3 carry handle?

Here are the instructions for the handguard and carry handle.
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ilovesnsd1314 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
Hi, just a little question

I want to build a removeable carry handle, which one should I use? The A1 carry handle include in the upper or the hand drawn A3 carry handle?
Hoborginc Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Neither of them are really removable, because you'll have to glue them on. (The A3 doesn't clamp onto the rails, because its bottom is flat). Therefore, the difference is just visual and stylistic.

The A1 carry handle will be faster to make, because you can skip the fourth page of the upper (the rail base and segments) completely. Furthermore, it's probably neater because the patterns are digitized. Lastly, it would look better because it's one color, compared to the A3, which has a part that's too light.
ilovesnsd1314 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
so I can not build a rail on the upper and then put a carry handle on it ?
And another question, I just find out that in the re-release version, the white lower doesn't have "Auto,Semi and Safe" on it, is that a mistake or it means something?
Hoborginc Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I was recently building an A3 carry handle to investigate its flaws before digitizing it, so here are some instruction photos for it.

It's a bit wider than would seem natural, because I had made it before refining the shape of the rail.
Hoborginc Featured By Owner 2 days ago
The A3 carry handle goes on top of the rail, and the rail should be visible under it on one side. However, you cannot take it off because it has to be glued on.

I wasn't paying attention to the text on the lower, expecting the white version to be painted over, but here's a page with the text visible.
Cronos95 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey just having a few questions!

Wich gun would you prefer for me to build as a newbee? Because this looks a bit to...difficult for me. ( A rifle model would be great already build a few things and build a lot of paper models, no papercraft, so i have bit experience!^^)

Wich glue and wich paper ( i have g/m2 120 ) would you prefer?

Thank you very much for an answer! And really nice models!
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
AKM V1 is the easiest by far. But to be fair, it does have a couple of difficult parts, such as the dust cover.

The V2 and SCAR are more complex, or at least have higher parts counts and require more careful work.

The AR, being modular, can be built at a slow pace. It doesn't have too many internals, so it's actually pretty straightforward. However, this V3 has some parts I don't really like, so I'm in the process of improving it.

I'd recommend around 190 gsm. Watercolor paper is common in this thickness, but make sure it's not too bumpy.
Cronos95 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey thank you for the reply! I startetd with the SCAR ( it is not easy, but making progress!) i finished now the lower body and the mag ( awesome models by the way!), did everything after plan, but the mag is to big and wont fit! do you have any tips?

thanjk you again!
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Which parts are getting caught? Is it too wide, or too long?

The simplest reasons are that it might have been printed with different settings, the paper might be thicker than recommended, and/or the glue might be too thick.
(I once had an issue where selecting a printer would inadvertently resize the image and make it come out too small, but subsequent images would come out just fine, so I had to select the printer, close the print window, the open it again to get the first one correct.) But if everything else fits together correctly and you haven't noticed any other discrepancies, there's probably something else that's the matter.

If it's actually a problem with the design, please let me know the details. It fit just fine on my test build, but more data is always welcome.

By the way, before you print the upper receiver, please make sure you have this page, because there used to be a mistake on it.
Cronos95 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the responds i tryd it and i finished the magazin and it fits now! just..compressed it a bit XD
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