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July 25, 2011
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Modular Paper AR15 V3 by Hoborginc Modular Paper AR15 V3 by Hoborginc
This is an AR-15 papercraft, the third iteration of a long project that has undergone several stages. I started posting these on /po/ a while ago, with the intention that it would be a modular thing that the community could add new parts to.

It is fairly detailed and takes a lot of paper, so you have to build it gradually and piece-by-piece. A classic M4 configuration, for example, would be 27 pages.

There are a couple of different styles for stocks, handguards, etc, and most things are available in black, tan, colorless, and sometimes gray versions. There are flattop and A1 upper receivers, as well as different barrel lengths. If yo want to build a longer barrel, note that there is no proper M16 handguard, although putting two carbine-length RIS handguards makes a rifle-length one.

The package is rather lightweight because I've omitted most of the V1 and V2 parts. The furniture and sights that haven't been replaced are still included though, so there are still a couple of hand-drawn pages.

Original Package (Mediafire)

Newer parts (or improved versions) not included in the main package:

Magazine Pack (20 & 30rd USGI mags, plus windowed and windowless PMAGs, and instructions)
Triangular Front Sight (digitized and with seams covered, and instructions)
Low-Profile Folding Rear Sight (digitized, new attachment mechanism, and instructions)
416 Lower Receiver (reduced magwell angle, Hk selector, improved rear ring, and instructions)
V3-1 Delta Ring (Elongated, adding contact area with the upper receiver for improved durability)

Specific builds (all the parts to build a particular configuration, and nothing extra)

M16A4 (20" barrel, solid stock, carry handle or Aimpoint) (black)
Carbine w/ RIS, CTR, and flip-up sights (As pictured, except with a 14.5" barrel and an optional Angled Foregrip) (black and tan variants included)
Same as previous (Except with the V3-1 Delta Ring, and all PNG's with no PDF) (tan variant only)


1. What kind of paper does this use?

Letter or A4 size. Scale to printable area.

2. I don't want to use whatever filehost the download link sends me to, can I still get it?

The package itself is too large to send completely by email, but if you narrow it down by requesting a specific color scheme (black, tan, gray, or white) or a specific configuration, I can email you those files.

3. Where does X go?

If the notes files and construction photos aren't clear enough, just ask here and I'll explain. However, make sure you look at the photos first, since a picture is better than a written description.
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i was trying to build m110 from this gun part with plastic and pipes..
but i can't find the side guard in the vertical foregrip pict..
can you send me the file please..?
here is my email..
Do you have any pictures of the interior of the lower receiver? I'm a bit confused as to where parts should go.
Here's a quick illustration of how it's arranged. Otherwise, it's just a matter of following the wavy hatched areas.
MarcGo26 Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah... B-)
TankerChu Feb 24, 2014  New member
Can you send me the tan version?
My email is
Can you make a holographic scopes???
TankerChu Mar 11, 2014  New member
hey man 
If you don't mind, can you resend me the polymer mag in white color :)
ThisIsANerd Feb 22, 2014  New member
What type of paper did you use for the photographed models?
90lb (185g) Canson watercolor paper (it comes in 9x12", but I cut it down to 8.5x11"). It may not be optimal, but it's what I'm used to.
ThisIsANerd Feb 22, 2014  New member
By the way, I only have 80g paper (office paper) will it work? (I just want to know because I don't want to buy 500 sheets of 185g paper and not use most of them...)
thaipham101 Feb 7, 2014  New member
Can you send me the Tan version?
my email is 
Thank you very much.
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