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PM 1911 Construction Complete by Hoborginc PM 1911 Construction Complete by Hoborginc
Let's build the PM 1911!
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FelHazar Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Hoborgin Супер 1911 выкройки хочу=))
Gref313 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
with no springs that basically limits the function to what you have there. There is a dude on youtube who makes paper guns but he uses little pencil springs and such for his builds. pretty unbelievable

Hoborginc Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
Yeah, Tacome1942 has always been one of the primary inspirations for these projects.

His commitment to modeling individual parts with 100% functionality is very admirable. However, the build technique (papier mache supplemented with paperclips and other parts) requires a high degree of personal skill and custom workmanship that prevents his work from being reproducible.

My goal here is to make something that can easily be built en masse, with traditional papercraft materials, so a limitation of functionality is inevitable. Parts have to be big enough to be sturdy and simple enough that everyone can build them, and they shouldn't use additional objects. At any rate, it's still an improvement, structurally, construction-wise, and realism-wise, over more straightforward papercraft items such as Kamikuzu's.

In this 1911, there is enough space to install a recoil spring, but I don't want to require it.

There was also a guy on /po/ who managed to improve the NSP with some stronger materials and installed a recoil spring and some other accessories. It was pretty impressive, and shows that the option for more detail is always there for advanced builders.
Gref313 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
looks good! does it work? as in, does the trigger/safeties function? the 1911 is a relatively complex handgun compared to more modern ones, and it is a challenge to take apart all the way let alone build
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012
The trigger doesn't move. Anything that's on an axle (safeties, slide catch, hammer) can rotate. Currently the hammer restricts the movement of the slide, so that's something I'm working on.

The safeties are now appropriately limited in their movement, and I guess the thumb safety can fit into its niche in the slide, but they don't do anything else, as there is no firing pin mechanism, trigger mechanism. Likewise, there is no mag release mechanism (just friction).

I don't want to require any springs for this model, and making some of the finer mechanics would require very small parts, which would be too fragile to be mechanically reliable. For the first build, I had tried making a realistic bushing with a little bump that would fit into a little channel, but it was too small and imprecise to work correctly, so I've simplified things, both for the sake of sturdiness and for the sake of construction simplicity.
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