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November 23, 2013
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PM AKM V2 by Hoborginc PM AKM V2 by Hoborginc
Package includes:
- Cover Page
- Patterns for metal parts & grip (22 png files)
- Patterns for wooden parts (7 png files) in 4 color variations.
- Plain white patterns (29 png files)
- Instructions (48 jpg files & 2 txt files)

Complete Package Download (Mediafire, .7z)

Complete Package Download (Mediafire, .zip)

PDF Version (Patterns only, normal colors, Mediafire, .zip)

Standalone Instructions, if you're using the PDF, for example (Mediafire, .zip)
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roman95 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 16, 2014
another question can this model be modified to be an ak-74M or is it too hard 

if you ask me i think a little tweak to the handgurad some tweaks to the stock and some paint job

what do you think  
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
1. Yes, the stock would be different. A proper folding stock may be too difficult, but fixed stock like pictured should be visually similar. The fixed stock would have a groove in each side, and this seems difficult to make without changing the inner supports, but the minimum is to at least make holes in the outer face and place a darker layer underneath, to give the illusion of grooves. Perhaps some lighter-color spots on the back and bottom edges of the grooves would enhance this apperance.
The stock also has a sling swivel loop on the side, but, as I omitted the one on the wooden stock, it's pretty much up to you if you want to add it or not.

2. The handguard would need side bumps (which can be adapted from the V1's side bumps) and some ribs. It seems like the only difficulty here is getting them to look neat and straight.

3. The magazine would also need to be a bit straighter. (Most difficult part. To simplify it, I'd recommend looking at the V1 magazine and making a new one based on the same principle, just different shape. Just adjust the dimensions at the top and include the front and rear hooks from the V2 mag to make it fit properly in the magwell).

4. The gas port would be closer to vertical. (top is 47, bottom is 74)

5. And finally, a cylindrical, ported muzzle brake instead of the simple slanted one.

I'd like to make a 74 at some point, but right now I'm refining the AR platform. However, if you're interested in doing some modifications, you're welcome to give it a try.
roman95 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
hmm another question can it be modified to look like this one (top right or top left)… i also believe there are railed AKs in real life that look like it (excluding the magwell that is probably an AR one) 

the way i see it that i'll borrow the handgurad (well some of it at least) from the AR and modify it to suite the purpose or heck i can scratch build a new handguard and modify the gas port and the stock (i may be too crazy but i think some adjustments to the AR stock should make it fit on this one) 

so will this work or am i thinking too much 
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Yeah, the AR stock should work. All you would really need to do make just the foremost inches of the AK stock and attach that, so you have a base to stick the buffer tube to. The only question that leaves is how to make it sturdy.

The AR handguard's internal supports are different, and it would extend farther to the sides. However, if you reduce the width of the side cores, it might work out. Overall it would require some trial and error, but it's possible.

For an easier time, there's always the possibility of taking a rail base from the AR handguard, reducing the length, and attaching it directly to a repainted AK handguard to make something like this.

The nice thing about top left is that the magazine is a 7.62 mag, so it would be easier to adapt. Just omit the ribs and recolor it.
The one on the right would involve taking part of an AR magwell, and there's no need to go to all that trouble.
roman95 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 17, 2014
i don't really care much about internal support as i usually make the part from sturdy card so it would reinforce itself for instance i didn't use any internal support for the magwell or the buttplate of the AR just glued the part on card and that's it 

to make the buffer tube sturdy i will insert a part of it into the body of the AK itself while reinforcing the buffer tube itself then reinforce the body with thick card and hope that it works

i was actually thinking this or rather this for a handguard though i will scratch build it (shouldn't be that hard it's mostly straight with no curves) and use your rails for the rails and thus it will be possible to use your accessories for the AR (specifically angled grip) to be mounted on them but still i'll have to modify the stock or even better use the stock from the AR and also modify the gas port and since the mag should be okay then there's no need to modify it (just trying to avoid a difficult part)

what do you think about this 
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Yeah, that should work. Looking forward to see how it turns out.
roman95 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
i'm also looking forward to hopefully not blow things up 

thnx for the help mate 
69XL Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Almost done ! 
 (told ya) it would take about 6 months to finish  [ I have a day job ]  and work on this 3-4 
hours a night  and throw 1/2 of it away when it don't turn out right CURSE YOU!  "STAPLES STORE"

So anyways ,  Before I start the Magazine Clip , I am going over what I started from the begining 
to make sure everything is correct and true.

 I see on page 3 under Instructions [barrel ] there is a round thingy "BREECH" , I have not seem to find where it goes. Maybe it was from the 1st AK and not need for the AK V2 ?

Also  , the Internals seem to bind. I have cut and glued everything to specs.
I guess this for just for [show] and Im thinking out side the box way too far . ( maybe I need to finish
 the magazine clip and the rest to see the internals working properly.)

Will post photo's soon  need 1 more month Nod    What a GREAT  project ! TY !Chainsaw 
Hoborginc Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
The breech simply goes over the back end of the barrel, which should stick out slightly into the receiver.
It's visible in the photo Construction 37. Sorry, I neglected to label it anywhere.
It should fill the space between the receiver walls, and cover up the end of the barrel, which is likely deformed from the attachment process.
It represents what would, in reality, be the thicker portion of the barrel around the chamber.

The internals should have a full range of motion (in the sense that they shouldn't get stuck), but the reason they don't replicate realistic movements is because I didn't figure out how to easily recreate the trigger and hammer springs. If you're interested in going to that level of detail, I suppose it's possible, but it was beyond what I was willing to do at the time.

Also note that as the inside of the receiver is simplified, the bolt doesn't really lock into place correctly. I was more concerned with completing it rather than getting the details functional, so yes, you could say those details are just for show.

The mag release, being very simple, works realistically, though.

A note on the magazine itself: the follower is distinct in this model, and although I ended up gluing it in place, it may be possible to run a spring between it and the floorplate. It's just that every method I tried either wasn't elastic enough or wasn't able to keep it level enough.
69XL Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2014

I myself have been working on the dust cover for over 3 weeks now . The Interior sections was the fun part not making those small curved [sides] not bend while gluing ! Must have gone thru 4 patterns each
before I found the sollution. 

Score all folds and cuts , then cut out pattern , fold all folds , ( I also use different size dowells , pvc pipe) to make the shape of the piece( to curve ) it and hold it with elastic bands for a few hours ,  then apply super glue to ONLY the small
curved side (inside-middle) , not the [tabs or main body] , let sit... this will make the side more [stiff] and makes a better interior piece with out bending or crushing the tiny side piece of each interior piece.

I personly think this is the hardest part of this Model . Once you mastered this "Dust cover" and
making sure its  (straight and true) , the rest of this gun will be easy .

Remember , You can [stuff] your hand grip and wood stock with tissue paper and it makes 
 a more of a solid piece instead of being hollow and when you hold it it feels more like a GUN  Nod 
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