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Snipers All by Hoborginc Snipers All by Hoborginc
The JQSZ-59 is a sniper rifle chambered in the 5.8×42 Chinese cartridge. Although related to the JQSZ-41/42 family, the 59's development actually diverged at an early stage of the 41's design process. As a result, even though the overall design is similar, many components are shaped differently or built up to different specifications. Most notably, the rifle features an adjustable stock, no ironsights, a special scope mount, a bipod attached to the barrel (rather than the handguard), and an entirely different assembly design for the rear sight block area. It uses the same magazines as the JQSZ-41/42, and, while not perfectly reliable, it's still an important part of the ADR's new arsenal. The JQSZ-59 is typically used as a designated marksman's rifle by military and police units, although there is still a yet unfilled niche for a potential heavy-caliber rifle.

The LMDA is a rifle designed and manufactured in Indonesia, but also found in central Asia and Africa. Often found in the hands of police and civilians. It was meant to be a very cost-efficient but updated platform capable of using modern materials and handling Enhanced Pressure ammunition. It isn't accurate enough to compete with dedicated sniper rifles at long distances, but it is cheap, reliable, and sturdy. At any rate, it is far more rugged than the RSA-10.

The Long Knife is a sniper rifle using large flechettes with special electronic treatment instead of ordinary rounds. Developed secretly in the United States before its fragmentation, it has since remained suspended until it was picked up by the Nation of Jerusalem for urban operations in the Middle East. It has subsequently become available to other nations as well. Upon chambering a flechette, the rifle embeds it with a verdal canister, which can be adjusted between lethal and non-lethal settings. It's a complex and expensive weapon, and, for a semi-automatic, has a rather slow rate of fire. However, its advantage is that it can be optimally configured for any situation. Its flechettes can be used in the T-742k Mori without modification, though not vice versa. However, the Mori will not get optimal performance out of them, since it cannot embed them with the verdal canisters. Mori flechettes are designed to be deadly on their own accord.

The Republik 450 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum as well as .300 Winchester Magnum (Republik 450W).

Powerful and mounted with a high magnification scope, the rare Republik 450 was developed by the Cavalier Guardian Professional mercenary company and manufactured using factories under their control in Africa. Although development was a rocky process, and the weapon lacks some refinements, it is nevertheless respected for its simplicity and its high penetration combined with follow-up shot capability.

The RSA-10 is a Sniper Rifle chambered in the 7.62 NATO cartridge. More specifically, it is a semi-automatic designated marksman's rifle, designed entirely for the role, and not directly based on existing platforms. Commissioned by the Caliphate's Arms Analysis Commission, it was produced in Czechoslovakia. Although its quality is questionable compared to other precision rifles, it is relatively inexpensive, as well as very light and simple to transport. Some other European and foreign manufacturers have bought the license to manufacture it.

The T-74k is a Sniper Rifle named Mori after its designer. It uses an unconventional mechanism to fire specially designed rods instead of conventional ammunition. While the sturdiness of its furniture leaves a bit to be desired, its accuracy has been very well proven. It has been used by Japanese police units, and this publicity has generated interest from the military, who have begun adopting it in small numbers. A quiet, accurate weapon, it is very well suited to its role.
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